Raising Pigs As Pets

raising pigs as pets

Raising Pigs As Pets


You love keeping pets at home, and as weird as it may sound, you are now looking for resources about raising pigs as pets. Not so many people would find the idea of keeping pigs as pets amusing. More people got the same old notion for pigs, that these are filthy animals with a foul smell. You, on the other hand, know better than that.

As an animal lover, you were first encouraged to find out more about keeping pigs as pets after you have read that these are intelligent animals. They are actually not only intelligent, but curious as well. These traits can actually give their pet owners some headaches as they always find ways to escape no matter how genius you thought their fence or other types of enclosures to be.

These are very determined animals, as well as hedonistic, greedy and gregarious. Keeping pigs as pets can actually become a challenge, so if you love it and you are up for such, you might as well pursue the venture. But if you are the laid back type of pet owner, you should already be contented with cats or dogs that can be very obedient once they have recognized you as their master.

Pigs love the attention that you will bestow on them, especially if you will speak to them and scratch the back of their ears. They also love getting scrubbed with a brush. They adore being pampered, but there are also certain things that you must never do to these animals if you don’t want them to end up sulking for days or even for weeks. Pigs do no like it when they are being slapped on the rear end or on their shoulders.

No matter how much you love your pigs, you must stay cautious, especially when you are feeding them. Even though you love them, you must still remember that pigs are voracious eater and will eat just about anything. You have to make sure that you keep your hands off or remove your hands immediately after you already have given them their food. You wouldn’t want to risk losing your hand in the process of adding these animals as you pets at home.

So keep these points in mind. You will find that learning about keeping pigs as pets does not need to be difficult when you’re learning from someone who have experienced.

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