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pig farming guide

3 Pig Farming Guide Tips in Preparing to Raise Pigs


Pig farming guide resources are necessary if you want to run a pig farm business.  These guides will tell you all about pig farming.   In this article you will find some information about raising pigs.  Hopefully, it will give you enough to start with so you can continue on with your search for a more comprehensive pig farming guide later on.

1. A Comfortable, Spacious, Well-Ventilated Pigpen

The first thing you need to prepare if you want to start raising pigs is a pig pen.  A pigpen or a sty is a place where the pigs will be sheltered.  If you want to raise pigs, you must first consider a place in your area that can be used as a pigpen. You must take into consideration the size, land area, flat surfaces, and the general surroundings.

The size of the pigpen depends on the number of pigs you intend to raise. If the pigs are bigger, then you need a spacious area of your land where your pigs can also roam around and feel comfortable in.  A pig farming guide can help you estimate the area that you need for raising pigs.  The pigpen must also be protected with fences; the fences must dig down deeper into the ground to be secure.  Take note that these fences are not ordinary fences.  They must be strong and durable so that your pigs can’t break away.  Additionally, your pigpen must also be well-ventilated. If your pigpen is too dark and unventilated, your pigs will not be comfortable and it may cause them to have growth and health problems.

One of the most important things that you need to know in order to protect your pigs from getting diseases is the environment of your pigpen. The environment must be clean, free from mud, and not close to any contaminated water. You must also build a proper roof for this pigpen, don’t let them get exposed to the harsh sunlight during the day.

2. Buying the Right Pig or Piglet

Now you know the important things to consider when building a pigpen in your yard, you now have to think about buying the right pig or piglet.  If you choose to buy a piglet, make sure you buy two piglets, a male and a female. And an extra piglet in case one turns out to be incapable of producing an offspring or breeding.  You must consider the idea of multiplying your piglets in the future when they are full-grown. If you have a friend who is also into pig farming, you can ask for his help in buying the right pig.  Especially if he is someone who has been raising pigs for a long time, he would be able to advise you on the right pig to buy.  He will be able to tell which piglet is healthy and strong.  He can also point out to you which male and female pigs are mature enough for breeding.

3. Sty Sanitation

Sty sanitation is another important thing for you to consider if you want to keep your pigs free from any diseases.  In fact, some swine diseases can harm people to. So, it is better to always clean the sty area, especially the water drainage and any other areas where water flows.  Pests could also infest your pigpen.  That is why you have to sanitize your pigpen every once in a while.

Pig farming guide resources can teach you everything you need to learn to start putting the pigs you bought in their pig pen. After five to seven months, they should weigh around 200 lbs.  At this point, you can sell your pigs at any livestock auction.  Some people might find it difficult to let go of their pigs especially if they have grown fond of them.  But, remember that you bought your pigs for business.  You need to turn a profit on these pigs so that you can continue being in the business in raising pigs.Pig farming guide resources are necessary if you want to run a pig farm business. These guides will tell you all about pig farming. Pig farming guide resources are necessary if you want to run a pig farm business. These guides will tell you all about pig farming.

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